In this brief article, you’ll learn about Lifetime’s easy, 4 Step Process for transforming your home.  You’ll also get a quick insight as to what the project will look like and what you can expect.

First, congratulations! You’ve decided to improve your home with new windows and/or doors. So let’s get started!

Contact Lifetime Windows and Doors
Get in touch with us to set up an appointment and determine your needs. You can give us a call at (480) 648-0390 or email and we’ll be in touch directly! You can also click on the Get Started link on our home page and quickly fill in your information.

Get A Quote
Once you’ve contacted us, a Lifetime expert will set up a time to visit your home and provide a custom quote based on your specifications. We are quick and efficient, following the latest social distancing protocols. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best service possible from start to finish.

After we’ve provided a detailed quote that fits your specific needs, we’ll remove the old openings, replacing them with new windows and/or doors.

Enjoy our double transferable, lifetime warranty providing optimal coverage. It’s that simple. No catch. No strings attached. We believe in our products and our guarantee is in the name. If there’s a problem, Lifetime will fix it.

Communication is key
As with most relationships, it’s important to communicate; in fact, there’s no such thing as too much communication. Before the job starts, talk about the where’s, when’s, and how’s regarding material, dumpster deliveries, storage, and expectations. Let our team know which start dates work for you, and which do not.

Are weekends okay? Talk about preferred stop and start times. Can our team get started at 8 a.m. or would you prefer we wait until 9 a.m.? The more you communicate, the smoother your installation will be. Your satisfaction is the highest priority of every one of our seasoned installation crews. Request a quote now to get started and one of our team members will contact you shortly.