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Glider Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows GLIDER Glider windows have sash rollers that provide extremely easy operation and they have tilt latches that allow the operating sash to be removed for cleaning. They open without any protruding parts, which make them a good choice for areas that face patios or walkways. CLICK HERE FOR SPECIFICATIONS Performance [...]

Double Hung Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows DOUBLE HUNG Double hung windows have two window sashes that open for a variety of ventilation options, and the sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. CLICK HERE FOR SPECIFICATIONS Performance Glass Low E3/ERS™ Low E3/ERS combines the energy efficient assets and UV protection of Low E3 with Low E3/ERS. This [...]

Custom Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows CUSTOM Infinity windows come in a variety of shapes and styles to accommodate the unique designs of your home. There are a variety of styles from complex geometric combinations to stand alone picture windows. No matter what you choose, it will make for a dramatic display in your home and accentuate [...]

Casement Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows CASEMENT A casement window is attached to its frame with one or more hinges, and are hinged at the side. They can swing either inward or outward, depending on what style works best for you. Infinity casement windows feature their patented exclusive wash mode. By opening horizontally, they allow great airflow [...]

Bow Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows BOW Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but have a more curved look compared to the angular design of the bay. Bow windows normally have more windows, 4-6, but since they are more symmetrical, they have that curved appearance. They are great for adding light into any room in addition [...]

Bay Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows BAY Bay windows are built so that they protrude from the wall, this usually allows for a seating area or just some additional space from where you can enjoy the outside views. They are usually made up of three windows that vary in size, typically with a large window in the [...]

Awning Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows AWNING Awning windows are hinged at the top and they have a sash that swings out from the bottom of the window. The structure allows for you to ventilate your home even during inclement weather. They add more light and better airflow while maintaining open views. CLICK HERE FOR SPECIFICATIONS [...]