Hot and sunny days make Phoenix one of the most desirable cities to live in. But Phoenix’s unique environment does require residents to rely on their A/C units more often than not. Unfortunately, most homes lose a significant amount of energy from their windows letting in the warm air. At Lifetime Windows and Doors we seek to change that. Our fiberglass windows can save you money on your monthly energy bills while adding curb appeal to your home.

The Many Positive Aspects of Fiberglass

Unlike many traditional windows that are not properly insulated fiberglass is extremely durable and lightweight. Fiberglass windows expand and contract at equal rates making it easy to maintain your home’s cool temperature. Eight times stronger than vinyl, fiberglass windows are resistant to dents, scratches, and discoloration, lasting 38% longer than windows made from other materials, like vinyl.

Not only are these windows environmentally friendly – you can recycle its glass components- installing fiberglass windows can increase your home’s market value!

Lifetime: An Outstanding Choice

At Lifetime Windows and Doors, we are focused on customer satisfaction and safety. Our technicians are dedicated to providing quick, safe and high-quality services to every customer.

At Lifetime, we backup our promises with a lifetime guarantee and warranty. And, if you sell your home in Phoenix, it will even transfer to the next homeowner.

Lifetime Windows and Doors is fully insured and licensed in Arizona, and every  staff member has undergone extensive training.

A proud distributor of Infinity from Marvin products, we offer fiberglass window installation throughout the greater Phoenix area. At any time, please feel free to call us at 480-550-9993. We’ll be happy to come to your home and give you a free estimate.

Common Questions

How Does Fiberglass Make Windows More Efficient?
There are a lot of reasons that fiberglass is such a great solution for windows. One of the big efficiency advantages fiberglass has it due to the weaknesses that arise with the other options. Vinyl is often a competing option to fiberglass but you might see some of the following challenges depending on the type of vinyl window solution:

  • Increased Aging: You could see an increase the effects caused by yearly weather changes and elements with vinyl at a much faster rate versus a fiberglass option.
  • Less Strength: Fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl. If you are replacing windows, you want something that will come at a higher strength to maintain the energy efficiency throughout all seasons.
  • More Blemishes: Vinyl will likely show blemishes at a quicker rate than a fiberglass option.
  • Less Layers of Insulation: Even though many consider it to be common sense, fiberglass has several layers in their windows. The more layers that the fiberglass option has over a vinyl one will add an advantage to the efficiency fiberglass has over vinyl.
  • Less Likely to Hold Its Shape: The ability for fiberglass windows to perfectly match the space they go into and be contoured to a variety of fittings allows it an advantage over other options. More importantly, holding that shape is imperative to making sure the windows don’t be compromised with letting outside elements in. Fiberglass is able to achieve this better than your other options.

What Is the Difference Between Retrofit and Replacement?
When looking at the installation options, you might hear both terms thrown out. Retrofit installation occurs when the perimeter frame is kept but the window themselves are replaced with fiberglass. There are several caveats to whether a retrofit is viable or not like what condition the frame is in and if it can support fiberglass windows.

Replacement is when the entire frame is replaced along with the windows themselves. As many houses have dated frames, you see this as being the most common solution that is required to achieve a higher level of energy efficiency in the home.

How Can Fiberglass Windows Save You Money?
Whether you have vinyl or wood window frames, you will likely experience a challenge with the issue of longevity. Warping due to weathering and temperature change is common but fiberglass won’t experience that level of deterioration. It is a realistic option with wood and other options that the structure of your home could be compromised depending on the level of warping that occurs. Fixing that potential structure issue is one way that fiberglass windows help to save you money.

Wood and vinyl warping at a faster rate than fiberglass will also leave your home vulnerable to new paths being created where those outside elements begin to sneak in. Your utilities could increase and kick into overdrive to combat those outside elements. Fiberglass being able to hold its structure for years will eliminate the chance of that happening.

How Do I Know My Windows Are Ready to Be Replaced?
There isn’t a definitive guide to determining whether your wood frame or vinyl windows should be upgraded to a fiberglass option. If you’ve become tired of fixing, replacing, and painting your window frames it could be time for a fiberglass window option.

If you have noticed drafts in the house or drastic increases to your energy related utility bills, it could be worth looking at fiberglass window replacement. The energy efficiency that comes with our windows can dramatically affect your monthly utility bills.