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Infinity from Marvin fiberglass patio doors allow for more glass space, giving you beautiful views while keeping the heat out. Our sliding doors set the standard for effortless operation, in styles to match your home perfectly.


Infinity from Marvin patio doors come in a variety of options, so you never have to sacrifice on style. We carry sliding french doors, inswing french doors, outswing french doors, sliding patio doors and swinging patio doors so whatever your preference, we can accommodate you!


This strength keeps all of our doors square, level, plumb and true. That means no warping, cracking, or premature failure of the frame. It’s a fact… Arizona weather is brutal on doors. The constant heat expands lesser frames by causing warping and sagging.  Ultrex is so strong…we guarantee it, for life.


The temperature threshold of Ultrex is 350 degrees.  Frames made of vinyl (PVC plastic) are prone to warping from temperatures that are common in the Arizona summers and don’t conduct heat like aluminum frames.


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Common Questions

What Are Some of The Common Styles of Fiberglass Patio Doors?

One of the benefits of utilizing fiberglass as your solution is the flexibility of its use across several different door styles.

Sliding patio doors is a common style that people might refer to as gliding doors. One or both doors might have the ability to slide on a track and are very popular in areas where natural light is needed or wanted. The sliding patio doors are characterized by two (sometimes more) panels of glass that allow natural light to still help inside but the fiberglass limiting the effects of outside elements on the inside of the house.

French doors are defined as a pair of doors that are mostly comprised of glass panes extending a majority of the door’s length. This is popular with those needing the ability to get in or out in a quick fashion but still maintaining the benefit of natural light in a room. You will have some options on whether you want sliding french doors, in-swing doors (doors open towards you), and outswing french doors.

We have seen clients that have something obstructing or causing issues outside of the home that require in-swing and vice versa. The flexibility that french doors have in those different situations are part of what makes them so popular.

How Do I Decide if I Should Buy A Fiberglass Door?

Every one of our client’s can have a different reason or situation that led to them exploring fiberglass as their door solution. If you have frustration around the aesthetics of your current door, a fiberglass one might be the answer for you. If you believe your current door is letting in too much heat/cold or can see outside light coming in around the edges, we highly recommend talking to one of our representatives.

We’ve also been approached by homeowners that are getting ready to sell their house and want to:

  • Clean up the exterior aesthetics of their home
  • Add another selling point to their house

Some buyers will value fiberglass doors and know the advantages that come with having them on a house.