2018 is the year for home renovations and remodeling. The market is great and more people are investing in their homes. If you are thinking about any home improvement projects this year, here are the top trends for 2018:


There is more color everywhere, from the kitchen to the living room, gone are the days of muted pastels that blend into the background. Homeowners are moving towards rich hues, warm wood tones combined with neutral colors to make the space more warm and inviting. A popular choice are warm grays paired with oranges, rust and earthy reds.


Easy navigation throughout your home is key no matter what your age. People are making hallways wider, doors larger and cabinets lower. Open kitchen shelves also are a chic way to display your dishes while providing more accessibility and storage options- especially for large, bulky items.


The devil is in the details as they say, and those small things are what will make homes pop in 2018. Cabinets with intricate marble handles, millwork walls and unique vintage lights are just some of the things gaining traction this year.


Wood accents, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, are a big trend this year. Prepare to see more old claw bathtubs, trough style sinks- things are moving beyond the sleek modern designs of a few years ago. The open kitchen self concept mentioned above also accommodates this rustic aesthetic.


From charcoal ice cream, to walls and windows, black is everywhere this year. Deep colors are the go-to for the home and black is an unexpected, versatile, modern choice. Infinity from Marvin has introduced a new exterior window color called Ebony- a classic but modern exterior finish. Stay on top of the trends with new windows with classic black, it never goes out of style!  Talk to one of the consultants at Lifetime about how you can incorporate this look in your home.